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It Was A Shear Success

Hey Farmstead Friends!!

We did it! We sheared our Angora goats for the first time!

Here is Milo being sheared.

If you follow us on social media you already know we are a small fiber farm located in central North Carolina. We have four Angora goats, so far, and a couple of Angora rabbits. (More on the rabbits in another post.) We hope to add more goats in the futures.

We are still pretty new to this farming adventure. Back in May 2021 we purchased four Angora goats that are now part of our "farmily." We have (twins) Estrella and Zed, along with Milo and Tauntaun. They were all born around the same time.

In our research about Angora goats, we learned that it is best to shear them twice a year. Once in the fall and once in the spring. So, as fall was approaching we did even more research to learn how to shear them. Brad decided that he would purchase a pair of double bow sheep shears. Since I have a fear of big blades and my fingers being cut off, he did most of the shearing. I helped out some to trim areas with scissors as needed.

I was really impressed with how smooth Brad was with the shears. He even had some music blasting in the background. If I was the one shearing I would have needed it completely silent so I could focus.

I was content to snuggle....I mean hold the goats still while he sheared. We sheared one goat per day. It took us about a week to get them all done due to rain in the middle of our week.

They all looked so different after they were sheared. I haven't weighed the mohair yet. I am interested to find out how much it weighs. I am excited about the next steps to wash and process their fiber.

BEFORE (Estrella and Zed):

AFTER (Zed):

Have you done any shearing? What type of animals do you shear? Do you have Angora goats? If so, reach out to us. We'd love to connect with you. Let's learn from each other.

Until next time. Lazy days are good for the soul. Don't be afraid to take a lazy day every once in a while.


Lazy Grazers Farmstead L.L.C.

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