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1st Generation Family-Owned Business


Lazy Grazers Farmstead is located in Asheboro, NC owned and operated by

April and Brad Murray. 

Hey Farmstead Friends!  I am April. I'm a Wife, Mom, Educator, and Farmer.  I have strong roots in southern Randolph County, NC, where I grew up. I guess you could say I've always been a country girl.  Growing up, I spent summers gardening, canning, freezing produce, and baling hay with my family.  Since a very young age I've had the foundation of a homesteader.  I have almost always grown a garden, but somewhere my homesteading skill were put on hault and not utilized. I now have a renewed love for homesteading and farmsteading.  My secret love of farm animals came from my step-grandmother's sheep farm, where at the young age of 9 I witnessed the birth of a lamb on Christmas Eve.  I learned how to drive by driving my dad's tractors and by pulling the pick-up truck forward while baling hay in the fields surrounding our home.  I look forward to this renewed love of farmsteading and can't wait to share our adventures with you all. 

Brad is my Husband, an awesome Dad to our girls, an Army Veteran, and Farmer. He grew up in Guilford County, NC and was a city boy...until he married me, that is!  Brad is a great amateur carpenter. He designed and built our chicken tractors, goat shelter and hay feeder as well as our daughters' treehouse and some awesome adirondak chairs. He also likes to cook up all the products of our farm and makes some great blueberry jam! Yum!

The Farmstead, located in Asheboro, NC,  started on just one acre when I decided to get some chicks. I wanted to later be able to step out the door to get eggs. Brad wasn't so sure about the chickens to begin with, but they have grown on him (and climbed on him. LOL) We decided to add some other animals to the mix. So, we embarqued on an adventure to start a fiber farm.  After quite a bit of research we decided to raise Angora Rabbits and Angora Goats for their amazingly soft fiber and mohair.  The rabbits were an FFA project for one of our daughters.  We hope to add some alpacas in the future for their amazingly soft fiber.  Other farm animals found on the Farmstead are ducks and guinea fowl.  Oh, and who could forget our beloved pack of dogs.  

We invite you to follow along on our farmsteading adventure! We hope you'll schedule a visit to meet and learn about the animals.


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